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Our fully-aligned Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus will enhance your child's listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Our program is designed to enable our students to enjoy serious fun in a clean and conducive environment that promotes learning.

Chinese enrichment starts from K1 , and taught by teachers with Diploma in early childhood care & education.


汉语拼音速成班(4岁 - K2)

  • 学习声母、韵母、复韵母和声调等汉语拼音知识。辅以练习,帮助孩子轻松掌握与运用汉语拼音的读法和写法。

  • 为小一做准备。

作文提高班(P1 - Sec 2)

  • 主要训练高年级学生看图作文写作技巧,提高写作能力。

  • 通过大量的范文鉴赏,积累好词佳句,巧妙引用好的开头和结尾。让学生懂得详略得当,注重细节描写。

  • 提高作文分数。

About our Tutor

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•   L2 certificate and Child First Aid

•   Oct 2009 - Oct 2012:  Seed Institute

     - Diploma in early childhood care & education teaching                   (Chinese)

•    Sep 2003 - Jun 2006 Shaanxi radio and TV University

     -  Teaching Chinese Language Literature.

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“Why abacus? Aren’t we using calculators nowadays anyway?” This is a typical question parents usually have in mind.


Mental Arithmetic is known to stimulate both the left brain and right brain simultaneously by associating numbers with abacus instrument, finger movements and image abacus, and thus is a great & proven way for whole brain development.


  • Over 20 years of expertise in Abacus & Mental Arithmetic (AMA) training since 2000

  • Partnering with MFS since 2010

  • First batch of PA pre-qualified private operator for AMA courses since 2006 & renewed till now

  • Focused on pre-school level

  • Weekly conducting courses in some 70 premises to more than 1500 students

  • All AMA lessons conducted in English

  • In-house developed training material fully illustrated in English


Our classes are designed for 4 years old - P2.



About our Tutors


Our Phonics class will teach children how to blend the sounds of letters together, and help them decode unfamiliar or unknown words by sounding them out.


Our classes are designed for 4 years old - P2.

Improve your child's communication skill, or the way your child delivers a speech

  • Learn to fact-find and prepare for presentations

  • Learn cognitive / brainstorming techniques to better analyze complex questions and present ideas

  • Learn the 5 Ps of confident speakers and the S.T.A.G.E. techniques


Our classes are designed for K1 - P6.

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