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The A League School is ready to accept our students.


For 2020, our school term will begin on 1 Jul 2020.  If you are interested to enroll your child, and enjoy our special promotional rates, please note the following:

1.  Kindly email us School@Aleague.com.sg and we will send you the application form to fill up.

2. We will then schedule a date for you to come down to the centre with your child, where we will administer the Diagnostic Entrance Exam for your child.  This will allow us to access the current proficiency of your child, and place him in a suitable level.

3. We regret that we are currently unable to conduct an Open House for you to view our centre, but you may view the place during the Diagnostic Entrance Exam

Should you have any queries at any time, please feel free to contact us at School@Aleague.com.sg

      Learning Centre  培训中心