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A League Student Care
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$320 per month
$10 per annum for child insurance

Why Enrol Your Child at The A League Student Care?


At The A League, we believe in an all-rounded education. Our centre provides a conducive and safe environment to enhance the growth, development and experiences of your child. We provide daily supervision in your child’s studies, completion of daily homework, revision and preparation for the next day's work.  Our tuition classes conducted by our professional tutors will help your child excel in school.


At The A League, your child is in good hands. 

School Homework, Spelling Mastery and Daily Revisions

Students are required to declare and record their daily school homework in the personalised The A League Homework Record Card.  The centre will ensure the students complete their declared school homework.


Our teachers will conduct spelling preparation and supervise the homework completion of the students. When time permits, the teachers will also conduct revision of the various subjects to reinforce learning and strengthen the academic foundation of the students.


The A League prioritise school homework and learning over naps.

Our Facilities

Conducive Classrooms


Recreational Room

Dining Room

Sick Bay Corner

Warm Shower Facilities



School Term

School Holidays

Pick up service from nearby schools can be arranged pending proximity and demand.  Please check with the centre for more information. 

The fees for basic student care package is $320 per month, and it includes the daily meals and tea breaks.

Learning materials are charged at $110 per annum, and there is a one-time registration fee of $50.

All students enrolled in The A League Student Care must be insured under the Junior Protection Plan with NTUC Income. The annual insurance fee of $10.00  per child must be paid by the parent.

Fees is to be paid in full by the 5th of the month.  The centre reserves the right to impose a fine of $5.00 per day for payment after the 5th.


Parents are required to pay the monthly student care fees even if the child is absent due to illness, vacation etc.


For school holidays, a surcharge of $30 per week will be applied to students who attend The A League Student Care for the full day.  The school holiday surcharge will not be applied to students who attend The A League Student Care during the regular timings of 115pm - 7pm.

Termination of Services
One-month written termination notice is required.  Such notice must be submitted by the 5th of the preceding calendar month.
Closure of Centre

The centre will be closed on all gazetted public holidays, 8 MSF closure dates which include school official closures, as well as company closures.


Parents will be informed in advanced on the closure dates via a circular.


The A League reserves the right to amend our closures.

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