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A League Student Care

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Dec 2016 School Holiday Excursions - Forest Adventure

Dec 2016 School Holiday Excursions - Zoo

Installation of CCTV (Jul 2016)

We have equipped The A League with 8 CCTVs, providing an added layer of security and monitoring of our students.

Regular Holiday Excursions

At The A League, we believe in an all-rounded education, and that our students will need space to unwind.  That is why we organise regular outdoor activities and excursions during the school holidays. 
See how happy our students are!

In-Class Art & Craft and Birthday Celebrations

Besides focusing on your child's education, the A League encourges creativity and friendship.
We are your child's Home Away from Home.

New Renovation (Feb 2016)

We have refurbished the A League, to make it even more conducive for our students.  It would not be an overstatement to say A League is one of the nicest centres in Singapore. 
From our heavy investments, you will know we are serious about education. Come see it for yourself! 

Cosy, Homely, Conducive

We know the importance of a good learning environment.
That is why The A League provides a homely, cosy and conducive environment for our students to learn. 
Our students love it here!


Our students enjoyed the inaugural PSLE Camp ALOT!  Not only did they enrich their knowledge,  they made new friends as well.
See their experience and hear what they have to say about The A League!   (Hint: Its nothing short of AWESOME!!)



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